Petitioning Bag + Supplies

Help us reach 500,000 signatures on the Motion to Amend this year!

This petition kit includes everything you need to help grow the movement to amend the best way possible:

  • Canvass bag with Move to Amend logo to hold all your supplies
  • 12 Petition Sheets to collect 100 signatures (can also be downloaded from our website if you need to print more)
  • Tips for petitioning and talking points
  • Clipboard with Move to Amend sticker
  • 2 Move to Amend Pens
  • Move to Amend Button
  • 25 Move to Amend Brochures for folks who want more information

You can petition in public places like farmer's markets, in front of grocery stores, libraries, post offices, while folks are waiting in line for film showings, lectures, concerts, etc. Bring your kit with you to rallies and protests. Or bring the petition to the office or school.