Booklet - MTA Strategic Plan

Get your printed copies of the Plan to Pass the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution!

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Introduction: This Plan is a Living Document

The National Leadership Team (Board of Directors) and staff of Move to Amend developed this Strategic Plan with input from grassroots Affiliate leaders and key supporters. It provides Move to Amend with a ten-year roadmap to pass the We the People Amendment through Congress or a Convention of the States. Our estimate is that it will take ten years to build the movement capacity and organization that will be required to win this endeavor, and that’s at an ambitious but achievable pace. Should the landscape shift to allow us to move more rapidly, we will be prepared to seize the opportunity, in part by having done the work to put this plan in place.

We are charting the course for the passage of the We the People Amendment in order to be transparent and to build momentum and excitement. This document is meant to be a thorough picture of our journey, not merely where we go from here, but how we got to this point – as a nation and as an organization building a larger movement. This plan puts into writing and adds detail to the oral plan we have been utilizing from Move to Amend’s inception. This plan provides a roadmap, with benchmarks and measurable goals, right up to the ratification process, beginning in 2026. Ratification is expected to take 2-4 years after that.

There will be roadblocks as well as opportunities that are currently unknown. The National Leadership Team and staff will review progress quarterly and will review and update the plan annually, as needed. Each year Move to Amend National will conduct a process to set annual objectives for the organization with input from staff and grassroots volunteers. Grassroots affiliate groups as well as Move to Amend partners will need to use the plan to guide their work. All activities should be examined through the lens of the Plan to ensure we are acting strategically and efficiently toward the objectives we have laid out and our goal of building a democracy movement and passing the We the People Amendment.